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When I sit down and think about it I realise I’ve been a traveller all my life.

In my hippy teens I lived in Holland and Germany, and, with a number of reprobate compadres, travelled across most of planet earth in search of that 60’s dream!

Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and finally India fell before our naive search for ‘something better’, but it gave birth to a love of travel that I’ve never lost.

And later, in a business life, I’ve been to the America’s, Hong Kong and many other places I’ve been enchanted by. My greatest thrill is to head off down a side street to ‘see what’s there’; I need no other motivation to start exploring.

FiftyTravel is something I’ve wanted to do for many years but haven’t had the time; now I’m nearing retirement I can give it my all and share some of the truly wonderful places I’ve visited.

I hope you enjoy reading

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Nick Garnett