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Tenerife is one of the largest of the Canary Islands and it has on offer multiple activities throughout the seasons thanks to its year-round warm climate. Whatever your passion is, you will find an experience to delve into and enjoy.

The landscape of the island varies dramatically, and you could explore imposing volcanoes alongside thrilling ravines and cliff faces. Alternatively, you could relax on the black sand beaches and watch the world go by while you soak up the glorious sunshine. For the more active beach goer you could hop on a dolphin and whale watching cruise to really get up close with the aquatic wonders.

You can continue that exhilaration with a number of water sports or possibly you may want to have a few rounds of golf on the excellent world class golf courses across the island. Family activities extend to the adrenaline fuelled fun parks that are bound to be a highlight of any trip and get the heart rate racing!

Tenerife has managed to maintain its traditional culture and is still a draw for creatives and artists from all over the globe. Get lost down little streets and soak up the atmosphere in the museums and galleries. Get to know the friendly and welcoming locals in the cute villages.

Your holiday base can be as extravagant or as modest as your means or needs allow and there is an incredible range of accommodation to choose from that suits all budgets. 

Beach Day!

There are so many beaches and alcoves to choose around the island perimeter. The buzzing beaches centred at the tourist hot spots have fine blonde sandy beaches as far as the eye can see and a wealth of things to do to keep every age occupied. 

You may prefer to escape the lively resorts however and disappear into a lesser known area where you can enjoy a quieter sedate experience where you can lounge in peace while milling around the adjoining towns. Look out for the dramatic volcanic sand beaches rumoured to be excellent for the skin or the natural pools that are sheltered from the sea. Whatever your beach preference, Tenerife really does have it all!

A Magical Dolphin and Whale Watching Experience

Tenerife’s waters are a beacon for beautiful blue whales and orcas who travel to the island to feed and reproduce. The mild climate provides perfect conditions for them alongside the pods of dolphins who frequent Tenerife regularly unusually close to the shoreline. This unique wildlife haven is closely guarded by the authorities who make sure that these special animals and their homes are cared for. As such you can rest assured that your dolphin and whale watching experience will preserve the fragility of this marvellous ecosystem and you can be a part of their world.

Climb a Volcano!

For a breath-taking adventure with staggering scenery head to Teide National Park, the oldest and largest national park across the Canary Islands that is proudly part of the Natural World Heritage Sites. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations where visitors flock to marvel at the ancient volcanic Teide structure that boasts the tallest peak in Spain.

For those who are intent on a physical challenge you can climb to the peak which stands at 3,715 meters to capture the vast and dramatic landscape, this hike takes on average six hours by following the pre-determined trail but for those who want to appreciate the views without the steep ascension then hop in a cable car and reach the summit within a few minutes.

This magnificent volcanic formation is spattered with lava cones and igneous rocks that were once located deep below the Earth’s surface. The fauna and flora of the area contrasts greatly with the arid land and you will be able to see it teaming with life that include species unique to this national park. 

There are plenty of insta shots to be found here, stay to enjoy the spectacular sunsets that makes the land burst into an array of autumnal colours.

Get Back to Nature

Teide National Park is the park that most want to appreciate on their Tenerife break, but the often-overlooked Corona Forestal National Park is a hidden gem that should not be missed. The landscape here is just as awe inspiring but in a completely different way to Teide. Rolling hills and gentle valleys are crammed with a fresh green pine forest that spreads strikingly across the lush basins. A gorgeous rainbow of colours is displayed here from the ominous dark colour palate of the volcano to the vibrant greens of the trees and the luminous blue of the Spanish sky.

To marvel at the spectacle of a majestic mountain range head to Macizo de Anaga that was awarded the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve designation in 2015. Situated on the northeast of Tenerife it is a spectacular and large area covering approximately 8% of the island and is flourishing in flora and fauna. Discover the area on foot to embark upon little coves and black sand beaches. It is also home to endangered species making this place very special and protected.

Alternatively take in the awe of Teno Rural Park incorporating rugged terrain, dramatic cliffs and gentle ravines that provide homes and shelter for many species, many of whom are exclusive to Tenerife.

Wonder around traditional hamlets whose people dedicate themselves to living and working the land. A charming and wonderful excursion to get to know the ‘real’ Tenerife.

Immerse Yourself in History

Tenerife has a long rich history and there are many sites that are dedicated to its story. At the World Heritage Site San Cristóbal de la Laguna you can walk the streets still in its original 15th century layout and see a perfect model of a colonial city which was an inspiration for later colonies across the world by having the unusual feature of not having a city wall around the permitter.

At Puerto de la Cruz you can see the mesmerising botanical garden from the 18th century with an abundance of tropical and subtropical plants whose exotic bloom provides a habitat for a range of birds and animals. A highlight of the garden is the 200-year-old fig tree.

In Icod de los Vinos you can wonder at the architecture steeped in religious and historical history and admire the colossal dragon tree. For visual understanding of the impact of volcanic eruption then pay a visit to Garachico where you can see the damage of the violent eruption in 1706 when the Travejo volcano exploded and buried the city. The pouring molten rock sloped down into the sea.

On the island capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, neoclassical architecture is displayed in what was the Old Civilian Hospital which now houses the fascinating MUNA museum that is dedicated to archaeology and nature. The old squares and triangles of pathways are a pleasure to get lost in and lead to a personal and exciting experience.

Enjoy the Variety!

Tenerife has a plethora of activities for all and there are many recreational parks across the island to amuse and delight. Two of the most popular and leading parks in the world are Loro Parque zoo where you can see an extensive range of animals and the Siam Water Park, a stylish and fantastic water park opened by the Princess of Thailand!

To combine adventure with nature then seek out Forestral Park where you can challenge yourself to swing among the high trees and get the adrenaline flowing!

Whether it be the beaches, the shopping centres, go-karting, history, nature experiences or hiking, Tenerife can respond to any leisure activity requested.

Stupendous Stargazing

There are three ‘starlight reserves’ in the Canary Islands and the summits that lie in Tenerife hold a claim to one of them. If star gazing is an interest, then make sure you book into the astrophysical observatory where you can learn about the science of the stars through your guided tour.

Teide National Park is arguably the best place to marvel at the vast midnight blue sky strewn with millions of glittering twinkles. The clarity of the view is so inspiring, and you can see with precision the details of the moon against the imposing silhouette of the volcanic backdrop.

Delicious Dining

Part of the culture of the island is to take pleasure in the food that you eat, whether it be a fine dining experience or sampling the street food on offer there is plenty to tempt the tastebuds.

Dine on traditional Canary Islands cuisine at a guachinche to try the fresh local produce from fresh fish or black potatoes to decadent Tenerife wines and baked goods made from gofio, a Canarian flour made from roasted grains.

Delight at the gastronomic masses of exclusive Canary Island cheeses, special Mojo sauce the local fruits before you take a slow meander along the shoreline of an evening.

A Golfers Paradise

If you have a passion to perfect your golfers swing, then there is no better place to do it than on the island of Tenerife! Enjoy a round of this passionate sport on some of the most professional courses in the world. All levels are catered for, all facilities provided and who wouldn’t enjoy getting a hole in one against the luxurious Tenerife setting. 

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