How to celebrate Chinese New Year

Go wild for Chinese new year

Yes, it’s the year of the ox

For some reason Chinese new year seems to be everywhere, it usually is but I’ve even noticed it out here in the country (Rural Suffolk). Of course we can’t go out but here’s a little vicarious Chinese new yearing from Time Out.

From Time Out:

Chinese New Year is objectively better than non-Chinese New Year because (a) not so close to Christmas, therefore no messy festive overlap, (b) far better food, obviously, and (c) Chinese tradition eschews conventional present-giving for red envelopes full of money. Why are we still plugging away at gift giving (stressful, not rewarding, wasteful) when we could just be handing each other wads of cold, hard cash?

Anyway, the the lunar New Year for 2021 begins on Friday February 12, so you’ve still got plenty of time to get yourself all set for the Year of The Ox (arguably the best of all years, in our opinion). The fact London is currently closed should not deter you. True there’s no big China Town parade occurring, but there’s no reason you can’t celebrate Chinese New Year, in style, from home. 

Read the original article by Joe Mackertich by clicking here to go to Time out

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