The Real Greek: dining in Covent Garden

With a new rather insipid, but probably very Covent Gardeny paint job, The Real Greek looks, well, very Greek now. The previous paint job made it look like the Hope & Anchor circa 1974 (I know I was there with both feet stuck to the carpet trying to see Blondie), a very pubish dark Green. But let’s not dwell on the negative, rather look forwards to the new lighter ambience, which, I must say, sarcasm aside, is not unpleasant.

From the website:

The food we serve comes from the delicious and healthy diet of the Eastern Mediterranean, where people have a passion for food, family and life. The wonderful flavours and the variety found in Greek food can be traced back to ancient times – and on this diet Ancient Greeks, like Alexander the Great, conquered the world!

We have created dishes that are inspired by those epic journeys and benefit from the many different cultures and influences that now shape modern Greek cuisine. We believe our menu and the atmosphere in our restaurants bring back the memories and the spirit of Greece. Eating in Greece is never rushed. We take our time, engage in discussion and love to share our food with friends and family.

I didn’t actually get to eat there this visit but it is on my ‘must eat there’ list.


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