Swedish lakes

Top Ten Swedish Lakes

Top Ten Stunning Swedish Lakes

The lakes of Sweden are embedded into local culture and incorporate many of the pastimes for all ages to enjoy. Sweden has almost 100,000 lakes having some of the largest in Europe so you will be delighted to have easy access to a huge choice of scenic basins of fresh arctic waters.

A large number of the lakes are covered in dense layers of thick ice for a great deal of the year, but this doesn’t deter the Swedish in the slightest! It only increases the possibilities of activities to experience!

Here are my top ten stunning Swedish lakes to visit!

  1. Lake Ansen

This fascinating lake is situated in the South of Sweden and is approximately 150km2 in size. What is special about this body of water is that the lake is spattered with over 1000 tiny islands. From an aerial view it almost looks like you are looking down on the earth from space. Lush green islets sit beautifully against a backdrop of clear blue water.

Nearby you will find Getna Gard bird sanctuary which is one of the greatest in Scandinavia making this lake in particular a beacon for those who love bird watching or taking photos of the wildlife.

The perimeter of the lake is engulfed with tall forest green trees making the scenery peaceful and tranquil. An ideal lake for fishing, kayaking or paddle boarding around the islands and a place to immerse yourself in the gentle unspoiled nature, if you are lucky, you may even spot the odd otter or moose who have made their home in and around Lake Ansen.

  1. Lake Akkajaure

This lake is actually a manmade construct, but this doesn’t detract from its awe-inspiring alpine landscape. Based in the Northwest of Sweden within close proximity to the Norwegian Sea. It was created in the 20th Century for practical reasons when a dam was finalised across the Lule River. Today it is still used to power the surrounding countryside homes and towns that are nestled sparsely around. As such the water levels can vary drastically but during some periods it is one of the deepest lakes in Sweden.

The list of activities on this stretch of water are endless but you can enjoy swimming, fishing or even take a boat onto the calm waters to take in the captivating views.

  1. Lake Hornavan

Situated in the North of Sweden between the Gulf of Bothnia and Norway, Lake Akkajaure is on the tip of a thin stretch of water in what is known as Swedish Lapland. This beautiful area is surrounded by some of Sweden’s grandest and popular national parks. 

Being so far North this Glacial reservoir came to be because of glaciers colliding with the earth and carving out a large ravine for the icy waters to occupy. This lake is the deepest in Sweden and the water is cool and a deep blue in colour.

You can visit the lake at any time and there is a range of accommodation available from cosy cabins to exciting rustic adventures that will appeal to those who want to experience a wild journey to really connect with the rugged nature. 

This lake offers the opportunity to get away from the cities and really embrace outdoor living.

  1. Lake Tornetrask

Lake Tornetrask provides a fantastic viewing point of the Northern Lights when the conditions are right. Simply dazzling, you could witness the phenomenon while sitting serenely in a fishing boat watching overhead with no one else around. 

One of the largest and based in the extreme North of Sweden this lake actually translates into ‘Swamp Lake’, this translation relates to the swamp like ground on the shorelines being boggy and spongy.

You can combine a visit to the Abisko National Park that borders part of the lake with water activities such as dogsledding, winter camping adventures and ice-fishing. The lake spends the majority of the year frozen and draws visitors from around the globe.

  1. Lake Silijan

Lake Silijan’s ice blue waters mirror the matching ice blue sky making you feel as if you have stepped into another world. It is a wide and full lake which makes it slightly different to the finger shaped lakes that are dotted all over Sweden. This particular lake is located in the centre of Sweden encompassing mild rolling hills and lush forests.

There is an island on the lake called Solleron which is a fabulous destination to step back in time and wonder around the red wooden houses, get lost in the narrow pathways and celebrate the charm of the people. Embrace nature and take part in the plethora of sports that can be found on the water or the island itself.

  1. Lake Hjalmaren

This lake is hugely popular with those who live in Sweden’s main city of Stockholm. During peak periods it draws in the crowds of city living families who want to experience nature without having to travel mass distances. 

Another lake that is speckled with tiny islands and surrounded by fields and forest as far as they eye can see. A perfect spot for fishing, the rocky shallow base of this lake makes it excellent ground for fish such as pike to grow to colossal sizes making this lake very attractive to those who enjoy the sport.

The vast plains give the illusion of the natural world going on endlessly allowing all who visit the lake to feel an incredible sense of liberty.

  1. Lake Storsjon

A fantastic option for anglers as this lake is brimming with trout and pike throughout the seasons. Scenic in its surroundings with snow tipped mountains, evergreen forests and endless hills. This charming lake is the fifth largest in Sweden and is located in the central region of the country.

It is famous for the legend of the Lake Monster that reportedly lives in the depths of the water, look out for the sister of the Loch Ness Monster with her long neck, green skin and massive 20-foot body.

  1. Lake Malaren

Originally Lake Malaren or Lake Malar as it is often referred to, was just another arm of the Baltic Sea. However, the lowering sea levels by the 11th century had raised a body of land which created this lovely lake. Being in close proximity to Stockholm, Lake Malaren is very popular all year round with visitors from the city wishing to get back to nature.

As it has a greater number of tourists, the leisure industry has thrived here and not only can you take part in the great number of water activities, you could also combine that with a round of golf on the nearby golf courses or perhaps find a number of Insta worthy shots of the pretty bridges or in the cute little towns that are hidden all around the inner shores.

  1. Lake Vanern

With a slightly more unusual backdrop Lake Vanern is situated next to a gleaming Swedish castle with an imposing red roof dating back to the 13th century. Not only is this lake a scenic body of water but it was also practical for the economy and even today the neighbouring villages still use the waters for a thriving fishing industry. This can be seen in the network of canals that were used to transport fish and other materials to the wider areas in Sweden.

Lake Vanern is the largest lake and is based in central Sweden. It is an ideal spot to set up a picnic along its flat banks and watch incredible sunsets while dipping your toes into the cool water.

  1. Lake Vattern

Possibly one of the most stunning settings is at Lake Vattern with rolling hills of farmland, breath-taking white sand beaches and adorable lighthouses based in the centre of Sweden. This lake really does seem to have a snapshot of it all.

To really enjoy the experience of the water why not jump on a paddle board or even take a steamboat tour! Do visit the cute and charming town of Hjo where you can transport yourself back to what feels like a bygone era of a town that just oozes Nordic allure. From its colourful wooden architecture to its manicured front lawns, Hjo is a perfect way to combine Swedish appeal against the backdrop of this loved lake.

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