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Milan Italy: What to do and where to go

Best Neighbourhoods and where to stay in Milan Italy

Milan Italy is the picturesque epicentre of Italian culture. It simply oozes sophistication and style. Not only is it stunningly beautiful, it offers a huge range of activities, events and sights such as fashion, fantastic food, arts, history, theatre, opera and of course wine. If you want to experience the finer things in life, then look no further than this Northern Italian city.

If you are planning a trip to this opulent city then the next question you should be asking yourself is: Where do I stay? If you want an up to date guide on which area is right for you, then read on! Here are my top picks of where you should start your search!

Porta Venezia: Top pick for Milan newbies

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This would be my recommendation for those who have not experienced Milan before as it offers a snapshot of all that this fabulous city has to offer. It is peppered with neo-classical architecture and is home to wonderful public spaces such as Galleria d’Arte Moderna and the impressive Natural History Museum. This area has increased in popularity in recent years, not only is it diverse and multicultural, it is the home to Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli, the oldest and largest park in the city, a great place to unwind and relax after a day shopping! Talking of shopping, this part of the city has a long strip of shops that ranges in price from mid-level to the super pricey which means you can have a flavour of all that Milan’s fashion culture has to offer without breaking the bank! Now this area isn’t considered to be the most upmarket but has earned its reputation as being a cool trendsetting district and is a place that celebrates the LGBTQ community with gusto, keep an eye out for the colourful Pride parades in the summer months in the heart of Via Lecco! At night, the streets become electric with a sea of foodie street vendors, karaoke hot spots and hip wine bars.

Brera: Top pick for high end shopping and art lovers

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The Brera sector is all about elegance and is a high-end sophisticated area brimming with endless art galleries, extravagant boutiques and affluent eateries. It is pedestrian friendly and is absolutely the place to explore! Allow yourself time to potter down narrow streets and enjoy the romanticism that is in abundance here. Take a trip to Santa Maria del Carmine Church to see the Gothic altarpiece or to the astonishing Museo Astronomico or head to Giardino Botanico to immerse yourself in the breath-taking gardens. The nightlife here is more subdued that in Porta Venezia but that doesn’t make it boring! Think long luxurious dinners, conversations and charm.

Colonne: Top pick for the best deals


If you want to experience all that Milan Italy has to offer while watching your budget then look no further than Colonne di San Lorenzo. Ideally suited to all age groups wanting to experience culture and anyone else watching their outgoings, this area is affordable in every aspect from delicious inexpensive food outlets to a big bustling nightlife. Don’t be fooled into thinking this spot is only about the cheaper side of Milan, far from it, if you love a bit of history thrown in with your street food vendors and the fabulous musicians lining the pavements then do make sure you take the time to see the group of ancient Roman ruins and the awe inspiring 16 Corinthian columns. Colonne – a pulsing centre in the heart of Milan.

Cinque Vie: Top pick for history buffs!

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A super area for photography, no other place in Milan Italy has such a tightly packed collection of churches, art galleries, museums, and points of historical interest. Pop on your walking shoes and enjoy exploring the 5Vie which describes the five Roman streets that all lead to the core of this fascinating hub. One of the oldest parts of Milan, you could spend hours getting lost in the Roman art, architecture and design. Surprisingly less touristy than some of the other areas of Milan so enjoy the tranquillity and soak up the past in your own time.

Zona Tortona: Top pick for glamourous fashion and architectural wonders


Zona Tortona is The Milanese centre that is a beacon for the glitz and style of Italian fashion. Not only is the Milan Design Week and the Milan Fashion week held here but it buzzes with electric creative vibes. Depending on when you go, this district sees flocks of fashion fanatics come pouring in the area to be part of the magical high end design atmosphere. This extraordinary neighbourhood has an abundance

of sophisticated wine bars and regal restaurants who will be ready to treat you like royalty. If you like Armani then make sure you visit the vast Armani Silos museum that houses the works of the famous designer.

Porta Romana: Top pick for best bars and clubs

This hotspot is cool, kooky and trendy. For those who like their nightlife a little bit different and something to remember then head to this area. Here you can choose from a buffet of bars that suit all wallets and eat in the upmarket restaurants or simply choose to eat in one of the yummy chilled out ramen food halls. One of Milan’s most popular nightclub, Plastic, is in this region of Milan, follow the crowds to one of the best party venues that the city offers. Great for Millennials Porta Romana is truly a vibrant celebration when the sun goes down.

Isola: Top pick for family friendly

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This area is where you will find the locals living. Workers and families were drawn to this area as it was cheaper than the alternatives and it was a quiet commuter area. Now that the metro system has connected it to the city centre however Isola is on the up. Still less touristy than the list mentioned above, there are masses of renovations taking place changing the landscape daily and there are new restaurants and shops opening all the time. This is a great base for those who want a taste of the ‘real’ Milan who can easily access the super transport network to sample all that Milan has in store.

Chinatown: Top pick for culture and affordability

Brimming with eye catching decorations, highlighting the best of Chinese cuisine and presenting a unique Milan perspective. This region is home to the oldest Chinese community in Milan. Located near Brera and the centre of the city, it is extremely easy to get to and combines Chinese heritage with Italian romanticism to create a truly fascinating experience. If you want great shopping deals and a plentiful meal, then head to this area. Lively and affordable with a friendly atmosphere. Visit during Chinese New Year for a wondrous and exciting adventure!

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